Tickle Me Pink

This is my world.
&& it's PiNK.

I think abnormally.
I love more than is healthy.
I am in love; && not that physical attraction shit but that passion which ignites flames.
I talk to myself.
I see with new eyes tainted by my old visions.
I think way too much.
I do care about what I look like *most of the time*. I'm a certified weirdo;defiantly original.
Immature && Erratic.
I love to sleep.
Dopest Dope You'll Ever Smoke.
Cannot remember a damn thing.
I care way too much, &&*sometimes* I wish I didn't.
I want to travel to the rest of the world.
Photography is in my blood.
Cry often, but laugh twice as hard, so it works out.
Names Nicole, but you’ll know me by PiNKY <3

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