Tickle Me Pink

This is my world.
&& it's PiNK.

I think abnormally.
I love more than is healthy.
I am in love; && not that physical attraction shit but that passion which ignites flames.
I talk to myself.
I see with new eyes tainted by my old visions.
I think way too much.
I do care about what I look like *most of the time*. I'm a certified weirdo;defiantly original.
Immature && Erratic.
I love to sleep.
Dopest Dope You'll Ever Smoke.
Cannot remember a damn thing.
I care way too much, &&*sometimes* I wish I didn't.
I want to travel to the rest of the world.
Photography is in my blood.
Cry often, but laugh twice as hard, so it works out.
Names Nicole, but youโ€™ll know me by PiNKY <3

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